Practice Area: Work-Life Balance

"A very successful executive who worked a minimum of 80 hours a week wondered, "Is this was all there is?" With one on one work he redefined his priorities, developed a roadmap with short and long term goals, and began making changes that were more conducive to his desired work-life balance. This was a long process, but he was much happier in the end."


Are you questioning if you are getting what you want from your life? Are you undergoing a crisis at home or work? Are you transitioning to or from a family leave?


How could you benefit?

  • Keep your career and the rest of your life in the balance you desire
  • Decrease stress at times of change through clarity of focus
  • Accomplish important activities
  • Choose where your energy is best spent


What services could you receive?

 These are highly individualized programs that analyze each client's needs and values. They often include phases such as:

  1. Unearthing - Consciously review the situation from an open, non-judgmental perspective
  2. Stakeholder Positioning - Examine all people affected by your crisis allowing yourself to understand their particular interest in the circumstances
  3. Comprehensive Success Strategy - Evaluate all priorities and rank them according to your needs and values. Then create a manageable approach to work through the situation
  4. Progress Assessment - Identify realistic objectives and fashion a system that allows you to measure your progress
  5. Ongoing Coaching - Focus your time on the activities that are likely to produce the greatest payback for your efforts


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