Practice Area: Leadership

"A newly graduated MBA student had never managed anyone. With our help he was able to manage direct reports and upper management while maintaining a successful relationship with his peers. With continuous self-review he was able to professionally negotiate some difficult situations."


Are you a seasoned executive who could profit from an outside sounding board or an executive with a difficult work situation? Are you a newly graduated MBA or an organization seeking to increase the productivity of your emplyoees?


How could you benefit?

  • Create a vision to bring your team together to accomplish a unified goal
  • Increase your productivity by focusing on activities that get results
  • Improve profitability by exploring expanded ideas for each business possibility


What services could you receive?

 Selected modules may include but are not limited to:

  1. Situation Assessment - Review all pertinent information from a variety of sources
  2. Gap Analysis - Examine all opportunities for action which surface from the Situation Assessment
  3. Positioning Plan - Create a realistic plan with short and long term goals that considers your targeted audience, their needs, and your capabilities
  4. Success Measurements - Establish criteria of success and institute goals which can be measured and tracked
  5. Ongoing Coaching - Focus your time on the activities that are likely to produce the greatest payback for your efforts


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