Practice Area: Entrepreneurship

"One client had always wanted to set up her own consulting business. With creative problem solving, she continued to work part-time for the first year while setting up her practice. She is now a successful sole proprietor, with the luxury of turning away business."


Do you want to launch your own independent practice? Do you want to increase your revenue, explore the possibility of being an entrepreneur, or better position your professional services?


How could you benefit?

  • Strike out on your own and thrive
  • Double the sales of your practice or company
  • Accelerate your business by focusing on activities that get results
  • Evaluate your intuitions and hunches with access to the entrepreneurial knowledge and business acumen of a highly qualified executive
  • Learn how to thrive in a chaotic environment


What services could you receive?

  1. Practical Business Plan - Construct an entrepreneurial roadmap with a practical business plan covering short and long term goals
  2. Risk Management - Conduct risk assessment on all pertinent business practices
  3. Sales Acceleration - Identify gaps in competitive offerings and your capabilities, rank new opportunities, and formulate a plan to respond to those gaps
  4. Profit Generation - Evaluate all customers in terms of profit generation and target your ideal client to build the highest return on your investment
  5. Positioning - Implement personalized marketing and sales activities that get results
  6. Ongoing Coaching - Focus your time on the activities that are likely to produce the greatest payback for your efforts


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