Practice Area: Coaching Coaches

"I supervised a fellow coach who wanted to go deeper in her coaching.  Through our work, she was able to bring best practices to her clients.  She grew, and as she did so, so did her practice.  Her referrals have significantly increased and she has been able to accept only clients she wants to work with and still be successful. "


Is your coaching practice where you want it to be?  Have you flirted with the idea of getting supervision to enrich your coaching? Could you bring more depth to your client interactions? Are you questioning whether growth should come from focusing your practice or broadening it?

How could you benefit?

  • Practice how to go deeper with your clients in a safe, effective way.
  • Bring some new excitement into your practice.
  • Define the best ways to increase your revenue.

What services could you receive?

These are highly individualized programs that analyze each client's needs and values. They often include:

  1. Supervision – Get insight into your coaching sessions with depth and wisdom from an experienced coach and supervisor.
  2. Comprehensive Success Strategy - Evaluate all your priorities and rank them according to your needs and values. Then create a manageable approach to work through the situation.
  3. Revenue Generation – Explore new ideas for increased income.
  4. Ongoing Coaching - Focus your time on the activities that are likely to produce the greatest payback for your efforts.