Practice Area: Career Change

"While at Harvard Business School, a client desired to move from engineering to management consulting. He specifically wanted to secure an offer from the most prestigious management consulting firm. With a new positioning we co-developed, he secured a position at his target firm and negotiated his placement at a branch office that had not been hiring."


Do you want to find your passion? Are you considering a new career, seeking an exciting new step, or considering a new career?


How could you benefit?

  • Secure the career opportunity that best meets your personal, professional, and financial goals
  • Accelerate your search by focusing on activities that get results
  • Explore options you might never have considered on your own
  • Experience less stress than during previous job searches
  • Find peace with your decision to change careers or stay in the one you have
  • Keep your transition—and the rest of your life—in balance


What services could you receive?

  1. Life Path Discovery - Assess where you’ve been and where you’d like to be - with a prioritized profile of your preferences
  2. Roadmap for Success - Formulate a focused job-search strategy, including a realistic timeline for short and long term goals suited to your life
  3. Positioning - Describe your accomplishments and contributions in marketable terms that show their full value
  4. On-going Coaching - Focus your time on the activities that are likely to produce the greatest payback for your efforts


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