Core Allies LLC & Dr. Melissa Fristrom, Psya.D.

"I have front-line business experience and a deep psychological understanding that guide me as your partner for ongoing leadership excellence."

I founded Core Allies LLC to help leverage my expertise in positioning and branding people. I draw on a depth and breadth of knowledge from my leadership experience in a wide range of situations, from Fortune 100 companies and not-for-profit endeavors to successful companies and cash-strapped firms. To name a few, I’ve worked at General Mills, Hasbro, IBM, Answerthink, Polaroid, and the African Communications Group. I’ve also been in a managerial role, strengthening brands such as Cheerios, Tonka, Playskool and Cool Tools.

My business career as your trusted partner has been built on strong academic foundations. I earned my Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School. And after a decade of front-line business experience, I chose to earn my Doctor of Psychoanalysis degree (Psya.D) from the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. The research I conducted for my dissertation, “Self-Generated Limits to Success: A Case in Moving On” enables me to identify the often unconscious factors limiting clients’ success.

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